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Honest Successor

  The emperor had no children. He decided to choose a suitable successor to his throne among the boys of his kingdom. He announced that interested boys should meet at the palace this morning on a set date. When the boys arrived, he said, “There is a simple test for you. I will give seed to each of you. You must take it home and plant it carefully in the pot. Tend to give all possible care and bring the pot to me at the same time next year. I will look at the pots and take the winner as my successor to the throne of such a great empire. ”         The boys carry the seeds home to plant. One of the boys found out that his seed did not grow even though he was taking care of it. He continued to care for the pot and watered it daily, but did not get any results. Others take care of their clothes with great care and are able to plant beautiful and healthy plants in their pots. Some of their plants had shoots and flowers.            One year later, all the boys arrived at the palace to show of